Spider-Man Homecoming: Will You Watch It?

Are you looking forward to a great movie night? Mark the dates on your calendar: June 28th (NYC) and July 7th (U.S.), the days when Spider-Man: Homecoming will be out in theaters for everyone to watch and relish. The hero returns in a timeline set months after Captain America that is Civil War and the movie focuses on 15-year old Peter Parker’s struggle to maintain his Avenger life with his school persona while living with his Aunt May and being trained by Tony Stark when he is forced to face Vulture, a new villain who puts his skills to the test.

The movie stars called Tom Holland acting as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Marisa Tomel as the Aunt May and Robert Downey acting as Tony Stark, Michael Keaton as Vulture, and Zendaya as Michelle, an awkward classmate of Parker. This installment has been revealed to be the first of a trilogy, according to lead actor, Tom Holland, who has signed on to do three Spider-Man titles. Fifteen years after the release of the first Spider-Man movie, critics expecting this movie to be the best yet, partially due to the positive reviews of Holland’s introduced role in Captain America that is Civil War.

In depth, the hopes and predictions for the greatness of Spider-Man: Homecoming result from the uniqueness of the teenage version of Peter Parker. A large stake that the movie holds is the fact that the teenage Parker is actually played by a teenage Tom Holland which lets the movie be more relatable from the on-screen character. Another factor piquing curiosity is the idea that the movie won’t include the origin story of Parker being bitten by the radioactive spider and that will allow him to spend the movie discovering himself rather than his powers. Some fans are also looking forward to the diversity found in the cast, in both race and gender, with Donald Glover and Zendaya playing parts, the latter who plays one of two main female roles in the movie. Last but not least, the fact remains that when you have Tony Stark, you have Ironman. It would not be a surprise to see a decent amount of Robert Downey Jr. in this film, only one of the reasons fans will be rushing to the theaters.

When in doubt, watch Spider-Man: Homecoming for a taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie is rated PG-13 without any excess of bloodshed or cursing that will be a relief to parents planning to take the family. All in all, watching Spider-Man: Homecoming may the climax of your year at the theater and don’t miss the chance on July 7th, 2017.

The Highly-Anticipated American Superhero Film – Wonder Woman

The Highly-Anticipated American Superhero Film: “Wonder Woman” is a forthcoming American superhero film that will be released on June 2, 2017. The film will portray an iconic character of “DC Comics”, one of the oldest and largest American comic book companies that have already introduced various well-known heroic characters (including Wonder Woman).

Wonder Woman Story

The film will unfold a bold, thrilling, and interesting story of Wonder Woman. Before becoming a “Wonder Woman”, she was widely known as princess Diana. She was the honorary princess of the Amazons. During her childhood and throughout her upbringing, princess Diana was taught to become a fearsome fighter and an unconquerable warrior. She was brought up in the environment of a sheltered island paradise – in the island of Themyscira.

Note, Themyscira is a fictional and lush island nation that signifies the origin of Wonder Woman. Next, an American military pilot will arrive on the shores of Themyscira and he will be acquainted with princess Diana. Furthermore, the pilot will inform the princess about an alarming worldwide situation – about the World War I. The princess of the Amazons believes that she has the capability to stop this massive conflict that is negatively raging in the outside world. With this mission, she leaves her home in order to bring an end to the World War I.

When she will be fighting against the unscrupulous people to put an early end to all wars & conflicts, the princess will eventually discover her inherent abilities, her full powers, her strengths, and her actual destiny.

The Film

Wonder Woman will replicate and portray the aforementioned journey of Princess Diana, her unique skills, her emotional intelligence, and her mission. She is an experienced, super-confident, and grown-up lady. She will be represented as an excellent young idealist. 

More Details About the Film

The director of the film is Patty Jenkins. Gal Gadot will play the title character in this epic action adventure film. Additionally, a bunch of talented international casts will be featured in this film, such as Chris Pine (the captain of American Military service who meets princess Diana), Robin Wright (sister of Diana’s aunt), Danny Huston (an ambitious representative of German Army), Connie Nielsen (Princess Diana’s mother and the queen of Themyscira), and Elena Anaya (a mad and unethical scientist) etc.

The film will be released in the US and in rest of the world on 2nd June, 2017. It will be distributed in multiple screen display and resolution formats, so you can stream Wonder Woman full movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Exclusive Preview!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 full movie is an American superhero film that is forthcoming. The film which is created by Marvel Studios is based on Marvel Comics Guardianssuperhero team. Moreover, it is meant to be a continuation of the 2014’s Guardian of the Galaxy. If you watched the first volume of the film, then you already know thatJames Gunn is the writer and the director. However, there are very few details on the ground about the upcoming film but this article will update you on the what to expect in the sequel film.

The trailer of the second Guardians film shows that Quill and his team will be back. Therefore, Chris Pratt Peter Quill, Dave Bautista’s Drax, Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel’s will be featured in volume 2. Michael Rooker’s (Yondu Udonta) his new rocking hairdo is expected to officially advance to a member of the Guardians. However, the frightening character the Collector, Benicio Del Toro’s is the only major player at the moment that is not expected to return. According to Gunn and Saldana, Karen Gillan is returning as a big character as Thanos’s unfavorite daughter. She is also said to be more resentful bitter in volume 2.

Newcomers are also expected in the upcoming film. However, the only confirmed fresh face at the moment is Porn Klementieff who is a French Hollywood actress that is known for her role in “Spike Lee’s Oldboy” remake. According to the director, Kurt Russell will appear in the movie as the father of Star-Lord and as Ego the Living Planet. He his precisely featured as a brilliant planet with a face, beard and conquest dreams. On the other hand, Gunn has confirmed that she will appear as a supernatural, woman born who is prophesied to save a race of alien trees.

There is a lot to expected from this movie as Gunn as also confirmed that it will be followed by another sequel. We also know that the film’s story will not spin around one of the two infinity missing stones. The movie is set to be released on 5th of May 2017.

How to find the best photography school

Nowadays, schools are coming up that are teaching photography and are having various courses being taught and the fees charged are different. The profession has grown compared to earlier days because there were a lot of expenses associated with the entire process of filming and producing the final product. The market to sell the pictures was small thus making it difficult for one to succeed. However, with the new digital evolution trends taking place, sharing of photos is just a click away. All you need to invest on is a quality digital camera and a good printer. Since the field is wide, you will notice that there are several new devices that are invented to cater for every need.

Therefore, selecting the right photography school is something that should not be taken lightly. For new learners and experts, they can select any course from the numerous sections that are available and will help them improve on their skills and know-how. Some of the points you need to pick the best institution are listed below.

  1. Specialized courses and general photography

The general course usually targets new students that want to know and understand the field. The topics that are usually covered include exposure, lighting methods, and composition. The lessons covered will give the learner a general overview of photography and how they can advance in their career. These courses are suitable for people that want to study the program from the start. On the other hand, for professionals, there are courses that you can take to help them improve on their niche. These are wonderful ideal for someone who wants to become a professional.

  1. The editing software used.

Nowadays, there are unique and new software’s that have been designed to make the industry better. However, the common one used is adobe Photoshop. In the interest of upgrading your skills, the institution you select should have the finest programs to help you in editing your pictures to top-quality levels. This means that the software used should have features that enable you to be creative.

  1. Certifications.

Any school offering photography lessons should be registered by the government and be accredited to teach the subjects. The certificates should be recognized; hence, you should check with relevant authorities before you join a class. For the professionals, credential given may not be important but for an apprentice, you should take into account the relevance of the cert offered.

  1. Cost.

Even though this is not important compared to the quality, you should consider fee charged by four or five institutions plus the course curriculum before you enroll. Be aware of schools that will put a huge burden on the fee but the quality is not there. Find an institution that has the best equipments and the fees is affordable while paying attention to quality.

  1. The Syllabus

Photography is known to be an art and science combined. The curriculum on offer should help you understand the difference so that you can attain success. Therefore, the course outline should take care of the scientific as well as the artistic aspect.


Photography; scratching past the surface

A picture is wonderful to look at; however, there are unique and exceptional techniques you can utilize that will enhance and create an excitement to it, hence making it look exclusive. These are things that a learner can put and are not necessarily meant for experts. The special effects can make a photography beginner look professional.

A new person learning the trade can take a nice picture that can attract the attention of many viewers. Therefore, to succeed you should learn the skills required. This can be an easy task for anyone with prior background; and with the endless and creative options, they can take a world class photo. Some few benefits you can gain from photography are outlined below.

  1. Easy to learn- Any person wishing to learn how to use the special software that are used in the industry can do it without having any difficulties. However, you must first study the basics of the trade like shutter and film speeds and apertures. Once you are equipped with the nitty-gritty of utilizing your digital camera, you will not have trouble with the new technologies that are involved.
  2. You don’t require expensive equipment- To learn how to use the special effects and technology, you don’t need to have the costly machines. With the aid of your camera and the knowledge of how the methods can be put together, you can achieve anything you set to do.
  3. Add creativity to your work- Once you are in a position to use unique and special programs, you can make the picture stand out. A photo that can begin a discussion or will make someone look at it again will help you market your skills because of the special feature you have used to make it appealing.
  4. It sets free your ingenuity- When you are able to utilize your imagination in your photography work, it will be exciting. It gives you the chance to shoot any moment using time-lapse photography or view the entire thing using panoramic photos. Adding light painting will give it a fantastic appearance and using steal wool picture taking will ensure the photo light up. With micro photography, you will take the smallest details. With the HDR (high dynamic range) you will add more colors to the picture. The options presented by the special effects are several, and the only hurdle you will have is your mind’s eye.
  5. It makes your work loot attractive. When you can wow your viewers with your work, you can boost your credentials properly. You can take them on special events or your satisfaction. For you to ensure your work remains relevant, you should consider using the special effects photography technology.

The advantages of using these programs to your work are endless. The software is simple to learn, and you can use them on any picture you take to make it attract the attention you desire. In fact, when you utilize them, you are considered a professional in the field hence boosting your credibility.

The endless possibilities of photography

Photography is a known art worldwide that include several forms. Some popular options that many people engage include either portrait or landscape photography. However, apart from the two, there are others which you can venture in and succeed. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can enjoy any that is best for you and leave the other. In fact, you have the option of selecting one and specializing on it. However, the essential thing is for you to discover your niche in photography and pursue it. The advantage here is you can take on alternative listed below and make a living out of it.

Photojournalism- This type involves taking pictures as it happens to represent certain facts. The snaps taken are mainly used to pull readers that buy newspapers for good stories. To engage in this kind of work, you should have knowledge on understanding and capturing the emotions of humans in one photo. This can take many years to practice to become perfect.

Macro-photography- This defines pictures that are usually taken in close ranges. To qualify for this, you should have the finest PFE (professional film equipment) to work use. In fact, these machines including the lenses and other equipments are expensive, and you should undergo special training to learn how to use and take the pictures.

Documentaries- There is no difference between this and photojournalism. However, documentaries are used to show evidence of a historic thing that happened years ago. To tell the difference, with photojournalism, the picture are used describes a single event that took place compared to the other. To succeed in this field, you require plenty of experience and schooling for you to seize the emotions produced by humans.

Glamor- This type of photography is used to portray the beautiful side of any human being: unfortunately, it is in some sections classified as promoting nakedness. However, the photos can be sexy, but should be taken in a respectful and tasteful manner. The major focus with this kind of picture is lighting and shadows of the body at its finest.

Action-This is commonly used by sports and animal photographers. To qualify in this category, you should be able to anticipate and figure out the following move to be taken by either the athlete or the animals you are taking pictures off to get the best shot.

Portraits- Among all the options listed above, this is popular and has been there for many years. The subjects required can be animals or even humans. The main objective of these photos is to take a shot at the unique traits of the issue in question.

Art- When you think about art, there are many things that come into play. You can use people, animals or even nature itself to bring out its beauty. It does not matter the subject you choose to take a photo of; the important issue is its artistic view.

The field of photography is wide, and you can select from the various categories outlined above. However, you must undergo training and have the experience required to bring out the best in every picture you take.